Air Conditioning

The Air Conditioning (AC) is a very important element for the hottest months, or even more cold. It becomes an element almost indispensable in many homes in Barcelona and surrounding area.

This device of air-conditioning has as its objectives to adapt the environment temperature, control humidity and clean the air.

Today there are different types of AC and some include heat pump, that is to say, a part of cooling the rooms during the summer months, we can also heat it during the winter months.

Depending on the amount of square meters you want to acclimatise, we will have to buy an AC or other. Currently, there are the following teams:

  • Equipos de pared y suelo. Son los AC más comunes para hogares, el split se coloca en la pared o en el suelo de la estancia a calentar o enfriar.
  • Conductos. Estos equipos se adaptan a casi cualquier espacio y enfrían o calientan las estancias por conductos previamente habilitados para ello.
  • Multi-split. Se utiliza cuando las estancias a enfriar son varias. Se coloca una máquina de AC y varios splits o unidades de interior. 

In addition, you should bear in mind that each computer will have its own characteristics and at the time of purchase, we should account for the following:

  1. Dimensions of the machine and the split
  2. Heat power and/or cooling
  3. Number of splits
  4. Dimensions of the room to cool
  5. If you have or not a heat pump
  6. If you have wifi to be able to program it with an application or app for mobile.
  7. Remote control
  8. Sound level (db)
  9. Energy classification

Desde SIM12 instalamos y distribuimos equipos de aire acondicionado de las principales marcas del mercado, como por ejemplo: Fujitsu, Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Thosiba, Haier, EQUATION, LG, MundoClima, etc.
Componentes eléctricos

SIM12 es uno de los distribuidores más importantes y de mayor experiencia en el mercado eléctrico y electrónico, en el área de Barcelona. Contamos con un amplio surtido en material eléctrico de baja, media y alta tensión. 

We distribute cable, tips, terminals, mechanisms, drop-outs, transformers, actuators, mushrooms of emergency, automatic current protection, differential, duct tape, boxes of records, integrated circuits, capacitors, pushbuttons, etc


In addition, we have electronic products, we manufacture, electrical and metal structures for facilities.

Industrial components

En SIM12 pretendemos ser el suministrador principal de los componentes industriales que necesite para su producción. Para ello, le ofrecemos una amplia oferta de productos que le supondrán una mejora en la producción y un ahorro en los costes finales ya que nos adaptamos a las necesidades de cada empresa. Pretendemos ofrecerle soluciones completas a sus necesidades del día a día.

In addition, we work with a wide range of brands and products.


Somos distribuidores de componentes Neumáticos como cilindros, válvulas y racordaje diverso para instalaciones Neumáticas.

Material Atex

ATEX directives (Atmosphere Explosive):

From July 2003, companies that work in areas with an explosive atmosphere, they must follow the directives to protect employees from the risk of explosion.

There are two types of directives ATEX (for the manufacturer and for the team):

  • The team ATEX 95 directive 94/9/EC. Regulates equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • The place of work ATEX 137 directive 99/92/EC. Notes the minimum requirements for the improvement of the protection of the health and safety of workers exposed to risks derived from explosive atmospheres.


Employees must classify the hazardous areas into zones. The rating granted to each one of them in particular, its size and location, depends on the likelihood of an explosion and its persistence. These zones (0, 1, 2 for gas-vapor-mist and 20, 21, 22 for dust) must be protected against sources of ignition.

The EX zones are defined by the presence of Gas, mist or vapor, and dust in the following way:

Vapors, Fumes, Mist:

  • Zone 0: a Place whose explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture of hazardous substances in the air, vapors or mist are present continuously, for long periods or frequently.
  • Zone 1: where the explosive atmosphere is a mixture consisting of air or dangerous substances in the form of gas, vapor or mist as a normal operation.
  • Zone 2: a Place where the explosive atmosphere is a mixture consisting of air or dangerous substances in form of gases, vapours or mist do not occur in normal operation but, if it occurs, will be presented in a small period.


  • Zone 20: the explosive Atmosphere in form of clouds or dust in fuel is present continuously, for long periods or frequently.
  • Zone 21: potentially explosive Atmosphere in form of clouds or dust fuel in the air occur in normal operation and occasional
SIM-12 distributes and installs components with ATEX approved ISO 9000.

Industrial Control Valves

The control valves or industrial regulation are those that are responsible for controlling the flow, flow rate, pressure and temperature adequate to maintain the operation that is being carried out.

The regulating valve is responsible for operating a fluid in circulation. This fluid may be steam, water, gas, or other chemical compounds.

In SIM12 we have a wide range of valves of different brands.

Stainless steel and Galvanized steel tubes

We have an extensive catalog of stainless steel pipes resistant to corrosion. Stainless steels are those steels that have a minimum of a 10% chromium.

In addition, we also have pipes galvanized steel are those steel-resistant to corrosion-by a protective layer of zinc.

Metal structures for facilities

Our specialized team distributes metal structures or benches of power for the clamping of cables and electric boxes.

Electronic Material

The electronic components are very important today since the majority of electrical and electronic products carry this type of components, such as, for example, home appliances, mobile phones, tablets, etc

We know how important they are and why we have a wide selection of electronic products in stock.