About us

SIM12 is a startup company that provides industrial services in the Barcelona area, both professionals and individuals.
Our company is located in Castellbisball (Barcelona, Spain) and was founded by Michel Garay in the year 2005.


Our mission is to become a leading company, recognized for the quality of our products and services. Characterized by its constant updating in the area of industrial automation and the generation of results of high impact in the development and improvement of its activities. All of this, always seeking to be an organization with high levels of performance and technology.


Give service and care to all of our customers, by facilitating the acquisition of components and industrial equipment. With the intention of getting the shortest time of delivery and cost, and the best quality. In addition to engineering, training, installation and automation, we intend to integrate the productive efficiency of your company.


Our main goal is to attract the attention of customers, to achieve a good recognition and a good accreditation for our work.

About us

We intend to connect with all people, therefore, we encourage you to give us a call to be able to solve all your doubts without any kind of commitment.